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Moisturizing and Sealing for Maximum Hair Retention

by Liquid Gold 18 Jan 2017

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and if you’re the kind of girl who’d rather have a head full of hair, then moisture beats a diamond any day.

Natural hair comes in all curl shapes, textures, and densities and therefore the regimen of upkeep will vary but the one thing all natural hair has in common is that it’s curly.  Whether you have the tightest curl or the curliest wave, each curl pattern requires moisture to avoid breakage and damage.  Even when relaxing the hair with a straightening relaxer, the makeup of your hair strands require moisture.

What most don’t understand is that you not only need moisture but you also need to hydrate the hair and that there’s a difference between the two.

When you MOISTURIZE your hair, you are actually locking water content into the cuticle of the hair.  Imagine throwing a ball into a net with no outlet and now you have the perfect idea of how moisturizing products sit in one strand of hair.  This is necessary to keep hair from drying because as we all know, once hair dries, it breaks and with wind, sun, and other elements that cause the moisture in our hair to disappear, we need a little extra help.

This is where HYDRATION comes into play.  When you hydrate your hair, you’re not penetrating the cuticle on the strand like a moisturizer does.  Instead, you’re applying an oil with some humectant properties that attract water like a magnet and therefore you’re stopping the moisture from drying out too fast if at all.

The goal is to moisturize the hair and then hydrate it to keep your locks healthy, shiny, and growing.

What better way to get started with your hair care regimen than with our SUPER HYDRATION KIT for dry hair?  This combination not only includes a list of natural ingredients but it smells wonderful and a little goes a long way..


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