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by Liquid Gold 12 May 2022
Hair grows during the anagen phase and stops growing or rests/sheds during the telogen phase.  The catagen phase is more of a transition phase.  At any given time you have different hair strands that could be in any of the phases at the same time. 

Our proprietary growth formula targets hair that has been prematurely sent to the resting phase (no growth) due to hair/scalp trauma or not so great maintenance of the hair and scalp.  This results in the growth phase being activated, so hair that you thought couldn't grow begins to show life and flourish.

Let's say you simply want to grow longer hair. Approximately 80% of your hair is in the growing phase so it is extremely important that you nourish your scalp with the necessary nutrients to encourage healthy hair growth. Our products contain those necessary nutrients to promote healthy hair growth.

The sooner you start using our products, the sooner you will see a turn around in your hair. Why not start today?
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