Our Story

Truth is there never would have been a Liquid Gold Hair Growth Oil if I did not have a LOVE for long hair. Ever since I was a young child, I dreamed about long hair so thick and healthy that it skims the floor. I remember sitting in a salon with my mom when I was about 5 or 6. There was a photo of a woman on the beach with hair that was touching her calves (yes, calves). I was so mesmerized with that photo that it became etched in my memory.

Now I realize that hair that long, for me, is not practical but it never stops me  from dreaming. I have visions of having the kind of hair that demands strangers attention. The kind of hair that people envy. And it is with these visions that Liquid Gold Hair Products was born.

I was tired of using the same old products and getting the same results: dry short breaking hair that barely seemed to grow. I began to research all of the so called growth aides and found that many of them while wrapped up in fancy packaging couldn’t really deliver. I spent hours researching each ingredient to find out which ones could produce the best results. I tested mixture after mixture until…Wallah…The perfect blend was formed. I noticed that my normal 1/2 inch growth rate had increased to about 1 inch per month. Month after month I was obtaining the same results with some months equaling almost 2 inches. Later, I was able to recruit a focus group of users to test the product and ensure that the products were not only safe but could produce the same results for them as it had for me. After months of testing the results were in and EVERYONE in the group experienced a faster growth rate. Let me repeat. EVERYONE in the group experienced a faster growth rate. Even now after so much time has elapsed since the first focus groups began, the users still request more bottles of the Hair Growth Oil.

I sincerely hope that all of you enjoy the products offered through Liquid Gold Hair Products.  I personally use each and every one of the products and am so glad to have the opportunity to share them with the world.