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The LOC Method. What You Should Know. Guide for Moisturizing Natural and Relaxed Hair.

by Liquid Gold 20 Jul 2022

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If you've been natural or relaxed for that matter for more than 6 months or so, you've probably heard of the LOC Method. The LOC method is a hydration layering technique that consists of applying liquid to hydrate the hair, oil to lock in moisture and cream to prevent moisture loss. The exact method you choose to use will depend on your hair type.  L - Liquid or Leave in Conditioner O - Oil and C for Cream. 

This method works great for those with high porosity curly, coily or kinky hair. How will you know that you have high porosity hair? The tell tale sign is that you hair will always seem super dry despite repeated moisture. It's as if your hair can never get enough moisture. If your hair is relaxed or chemically altered your hair is most likely high porosity. If this is you, read on. 

How to use the LOC Method?

First start by sectioning your hair into 4 sections. You can start the LOC method on dry or damp hair. You'll want to use your Leave In Conditioner such as our Green Tea and MSM Hydrating Mist to help detangle the hair. 

Second, and after your hair is thoroughly detangled, you'll want to use a heavy oil such as castor oil or perhaps even olive oil or a butter. Again, this oil is applied one section at a time. This step is very important. If you have very dry hair then you'll want to opt for a heavier oil such as castor or an actual butter such as mango or shea. Many of our customer finds that using our Castor Gro Oil or  Growth Pomade for the 2nd step works wonders.

Third, you'll want to use a moisturizing cream. Many people that have used the LOC method use another heavy butter and in our opinion this is where they run into issues. Too much of a good thing can actually result in undesirable effects. You'll want to follow the OIL step with a water based cream such as our Hair Lotion for best results. 

After following the 3 steps, you may style your hair as usual. Some people opt to put their hair in a protective style while others may use the steps from the LOC method to lead to a beautiful twist out. No matter the style you can rest assured that your hair will be moisturized for days. You can always repeat the 3 steps above whenever your hair starts to feel dry. 

What If Your Hair is Low Porosity?

The steps above refer to someone with HIGH porosity hair. If your hair is low porosity, you have hair that resists moisture. You can apply water to your hair all day long and it will seemingly just bead up on top without absorbing. The trick with low porosity hair is to give it a double shot of moisture and then follow with an oil to seal in that moisture. So that means that instead of the LOC method, you would follow the LCO Method. L - Liquid or Leave in Conditioner C for Cream and O - Oil.

We've made things really easy if you choose to follow the LOC or LCO method by packaging the needed products in our Hydration Kit. Enjoy and let us know how these tips work for you. 

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