Super Hair Growth Kit For Maximum Hair Growth And Length Retention

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Easily grow longer stronger healthier hair with our Super Hair Growth Kit. We've included all of the items that you need to get the best fast and healthy hair growth results. 

This popular kit contains the following 6 items PLUS 1 FREE hair related item of our choosing to help you on your healthy hair growth journey.

(1) Liquid Gold Hair Growth Oil (Sulfur)
(1) Green Magic Hair Growth Cream
(1) Castor Gro Oil
(1) Moisturizing Sulfate Free Shampoo
(1) Biotin & MSM Deep Conditioner
(1) 3-in-1 Moisturizer, Co-wash, Conditioner
(1) FREE Hair Related Bonus Item (randomly selected)

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Start Your Hair Growth Journey Today!

Delivery takes 4 - 5 business days (USA Orders) 
Delivery For International Orders Takes 10 - 14 Business Days



Sample Fast Hair Growth Regimen With Super Hair Growth Kit

Monday, Wednesday and Friday: Choose either the Liquid Gold Sulfur Oil or Green Magic Hair Growth Cream and apply to scalp only. Massage in for 2 minutes. Leave In.

Once every week (or every 2 weeks) wash hair with the Sulfate Free Shampoo. Follow this with an application of the Biotin Deep Conditioner.

Daily or as needed apply the 3-in-1Conditioner to dry hair strands and follow with a light application of the Castor Gro Oil to seal the moisture into hair strands.

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