One of the most common things among women is excessive hair loss, especially among African American women. It is now so rampant that one out of four African American women suffers from hair loss, this rate may even be higher. Findings presented at the annual meeting of American Academy of Dermatology in Washington, D.C shows that more than 47% of African-American women surveyed have experienced some degree of hair loss. Not only this, many of those having the problem have yet to see a doctor about it.  It is as a result of this that it becomes important to provide adequate information on the reasons for hair loss among women with a particular emphasis on African American women. Highlighted below are six causes of hair loss among African American women:

  1. Too Tight Braids, Weaves, Etc.

This is very common with African American women.  Many love braids, weaves and wear other similar hair styles just to enhance their beauty. It should be known that natural hairstyles are not immune to the likelihood of hair breakage. Too frequent twists or locks may also lead to hair loss.

  1. Hair Care Practices

Many of the commonly used hair care treatments like blow drying, relaxers and flat ironing may cause serious hair breakage that will eventually lead to hair loss. Note that the effect of these practices are often more noticeable around the edges. We have developed a new product to address disappearing edges called EdgeRx which should be released soon.

  1. Excessive Heat

Excessive heat can cause serious hair breakage. Hot combs, curling irons, blow dryers, hot rollers, flat irons, hooded dryers, etc. are all sources of heat to the hair. Excessive use of these implements may lead to hair loss. You might need to reduce the rate at which you use these implements to just once a month.

  1. Excessive Hair Brushing

Many African American women have very fragile hairs according to studies.  Even normal hair combing and brushing can cause hair breakage which may lead to hair loss.  Make sure you use a brush with soft bristles and try not to concentrate so much on taming edges. Your comb should be seamless to prevent snags and tears to the hair.

  1. The Pill

Birth control pills can sometimes have serious side effects. One of these side effects is potential hair loss. This is because the hormones that subdue ovulation can cause thin hair in some women. Hair loss may even begin when you halt taking the pill. In addition to birth control pills, many of of our customers report hair loss after taking medication prescribed by their doctor for high blood pressure, thyroid issues or diabetes. Be sure to always check with your doctor to find out if hair loss is a side effect of the medication you are taking.

  1. Stress

It is generally known that stress can kill. Stress affects every aspect of the body including your hair. It can lead to stressed hair follicles which invariably cause hair to fall out. You need to be mindful of stress and take appropriate measures to reduce them.

If you have hair loss, try to identify the source of the hair loss.  If you are unable to identify the source, you may need to call a dermatologist for specific treatments. We are always here to help. You may reach us at 704-286-6476.